The following game promotes the usage of alcohol, as well as violent behaviour, such as fighting. The game might not be suitable for users below the age of 18. If you are below 18, please reconsider playing.
Important gameplay notes: The game has 99 levels, thereafter the final scene gameplay is unlocked. Drink battles are unlocked after reaching level 4.You can earn additional stat raise by participating in drink battles. Also drink battles are the best way to progress quick through the game. The way you are upgrading your stats will affect your future gameplay, so be careful with them, otherwise you will meet unequal opponents. More information can be found in the information icons during the game.

Moonshine: 20

Workers: 0

Next worker will be unlocked for purchase at level 4.

Level: 1

Experience: 0

Max level reached.

Next level experience: 30







Next stat point unlocked at level 6. You have 0 unused stat points.

Next house at level: 10
available houses: 0

Church available
at level: 15


Damage by you:


Damage by opponent:

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